High Fives- Reiss Johnson



Reiss Johnson is an up n coming vert skater hailing from just outside Manchester, England. With a regular on the UK vert scene for several years now and travelling to comps throughout the country, even to Vert Attack in Sweden this year, Reiss is definitely one to watch out for .Here’s his high fives.   Filmed and edited by Phil Harvey

Reiss Johnson


1) So Reiss can you just give us your general info etc?

My names Reiss Johnson, I'm 18 and I'm from Manchester, UK. I ride for Projekts Skateshop,
Heathen Skateboards and Lurker Headwear.

2) How come you decided to skate vert of all things?

I sort of grew up at Bones, Stockport so after skating their bowl, it sort of progressed into Vert and
then when they cut it down I stopped skating it for a few years. Then I went to Boardmasters in 2009
with my mate Stevo, and after watching all the vert guys do their thing, I was like, shit. I wanna learn
this... I tend to skate bowl still quite a lot just with a few being close to my house.

3) It must be pretty difficult skating vert when there arn't any in Manchester, where do you normally
go to?

Yeah man for sure, it can get pretty bad sometimes and I go like two months without skating it.
My closest is Blackpool but its out the way and hard to get to via train, I tend to travel down to
Birmingham and stay at my friends for a few days as they have a ramp there. He moves away soon
though, so then I guess I'm stuck! Maybe i'll finally get a car.

4) Can you tell us a bit about Lurker?

Yeah it's this cool little hat company my friend Lewis Threadgold has started up out of Manchester.
He does loads of cool five panel hats and Beanies etc. I just started off taking a few photographs for
his website, and he was already giving me the odd beanie etc so when he made a team he just put
me on I guess!. Go check it! http://thelurkerco.co.uk/ !

5) How did you get into photography, any reasons why you started?

Again through skating, saw my friend with a camera etc when I was younger. Got an SLR for my 14th
birthday and started taking skate shots. These days I'm more into location and architectural work.
But i've made a pact with myself to get back into skate-related work this summer! if you get a spare
moment check out my site! http://reissjohnsonphotography.co.uk/

Top 5 things to do this summer.

1. Marseille Trip with Heathen Skateboards.

2. Boardmasters 2012.

3. Get back up to Scotland to skate their vert.

4. Should probably head up to Derby soon to take more skate photographs.

5. Go and skate with my friend Jim before he moves to Brazil.



Top 5 Places you have been?

1. San Diego - Best Mexican food ever haha.

2. Malmo - Freezing cold but rad vert ramp.

3. Berlin - Really relaxed and cool culture.

4. CPH - Expensive but the best outdoor parks ever!

5. Gran Canaria - Really nice locals and super hot weather!


Being a photographer yourself, who are your top 5 infulences?

1. Roger Ballen - Recently saw one of his shows, really cool and surreal shots.

2. Michael Burnett - Suppose I have to have one favourite skate photographer haha.

3. Chris Rainier - His ancient marks book is really good.

4. David Hockney - More of an Artist but I did a whole study on his joiner work.

5. Bresson - Just beacuse hes the original dude haha.


Top 5 Manchester Skateboarders.


1. Chris Barrett - Just charges around and enjoys skating for what it is.

2. Sam Parker - Up for anything, under-rated!

3. John Bell

4. Lewis Threadgold - Fellow LURKER!

5. Keanu Robson


Top 5 Vert Tricks.

1. Max Schaaf's backside tailslides!

2. Jim Langrans Flip Frontside Airs.

3. Frontside Crailslides

4.Sean Goff's Toddtwists!

5. Eggplants are a current favourite of mine.